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Moving a business to Boca Raton? Here are some resources you may find helpful

Moving a business to a new city can be a challenge. The logistics of the move itself can be taxing enough as anyone unfortunate enough to have been through one can attest. The packing up and moving of office equipment, supplies, etc. can be brutal. Moves are labor intensive. The organizational component of keeping tabs on what was packed where and where it needs to go when it reaches the new location is enough to have even seasoned vets tearing their hair out.

With that in mind I decided to throw together a quick post with some local resources that may be able to help you with your move in other ways. These are some companies and services that we have found helpful for our business and we think that you might find them useful also.

Advertising/Marketing – Boca Raton SEO
Office/Virtual Office Space – Virtual Office Tampa (we know we are talking about Boca Raton, but the Tampa company provides for all of FL)
Chamber of Commerce – Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce
Local Business Journal – http://www.bizjournals.com/southflorida/

And for an added bonus… here is a video highlighting some things the city has to offer:

By way of a further side note we had in the past used virtual office Dallas for our office space needs. The service is provided by http://www.findavirtualoffice.com/ . If you should need anything out that way you should definitely check them out.

Beyond that, as always, the http://www.sba.gov site is a great resource for all things business. Good luck and happy moves.

Establishing a home based business? Here are some tips to put it in high gear

A lot of people think that establishing a property business(read this article) isn’t easy. They are saying how the income is unstable and that it could not be a part time job and cannot act as an entire-time job. This post will discuss tips concerning running your house based business.

Starting a residence business may be fun but challenging at the same time. You must first identify a niche that you want to pursue. Before you make a huge investment, do a lot of research. Be certain to network whenever possible with other do business from home business owners and get valuable advice from them also.

Before you start your organization, you are going to need an stock and office it appropriately. It might not seem important, but it might be hard for anyone to arrive at work with no comfortable space or with insufficient supplies.

Look at the backgrounds for any potential employees that you might hire to help you build your internet business.

It could be a network with some other peers. The audience ought to include others that also have the drive and motivation to pull off an effective work from home business enterprise, although the people don’t must be inside an identical industry.

It’s important that you come with an work space to operate from the time running a business from home.It lacks being large, but it ought to be neat and organized well. One outstanding solution is to utilize a virtual office service from a company like Opus Virtual Offices. These services eliminate the need to give potential clients your home address and phone number by providing all of the service that you would have if you operated a traditional office. The best part, with Opus Virtual offices you pay a flat $99.00 per month with no hidden fees! This is great for a startup or home based business as operating budgets are normally very tight at the outset of operations.

Decide on a term for your company that is certainly special to you personally. Regardless of whether you’re not able to host an business organization website, buy the domain address.

You ought to have a email list of your own customers. Ensure your communications stay under the spam level. E-mail lists are perfect for announcing sales or promotions. Others apply it so as to send useful information and articles to customers consistently, as well as sending an advertisement. Include a place to enroll in folks to sign up for this list.

Be sure you write your own business plan to help your home business. In spite of a small venture, you should document all of your goals, what resources you want, and resources.

Understand that those successes have previously occurred, although be described as a forward thinking attitude. Celebrating past successes are very important. You ought to concentrate on what is going to bring. This will help to make for your upcoming obstacles along the way.

Deposit your payments almost as you can. Don’t hold out till the end of each week or month to deposit your earnings daily if feasible. Always deposit the money having a teller rather than utilizing an ATM, to enable you to do not have doubts how the money will make it into the account.

You need to make sure you begin a solid work schedule. You’ll work all night and day unless you come up with a agenda for yourself. Give yourself some spare time and make up a schedule such as you might have working for a large company. You can expect to now still have the capacity to have got a social interaction come the weekend.

By using this advice, it is really possible to develop a successful do business from home business. Knowledge and drive can help you succeed. You will observe your income from your website flourish, utilizing the above advice.

To learn more about virtual offices watch this brief video:

Some helpful additional resources can be found at:


Work at home like me? A virtual office could be just what you need to kickstart your business growth

I work at home. It is an amazingly gratifying thing to be able to do. I am my own boss, I set my own hours and my commute to work is a dozen steps. Occasionally I do run into some traffic along the way, the dog runs wild now and again, my wife is going about here business (oftentimes right where I need to get to 😉 or the kids are scurrying about. I know, rough life, boo hoo! I agree, it’s not easy being me, but I’ll do my best to deal with it.

Despite how well it is going it hasn’t all been without challenges. I found that I had difficulty persuading new clients that my company was on par with businesses that operate out of traditional offices. This might not sound like a big deal, but it was. Clients had difficulty getting comfortable with my lack of a normal office despite my outstanding business credentials. I was up against a wall and had to come up with a solution that was cost effective and allayed those prospective client concerns.

What was the solution? A virtual office. That’s right… virtual offices provide a business owner with the appearance of a traditional office without the expense. They can range anywhere from $50 per month to $150 per month depending upon bells and whistles. At the very minimum any good VO should have the following features:

Business Mailing Address
Business Phone Number
Business Fax Number
Voice Mail

Some options that are extremely helpful are live receptionist phone answering and available conference room space (more on this in a moment). There are many providers of these services though I found my Detroit Virtual Office http://www.findavirtualoffice.com/ . They set me up with a complete solution with all the features I needed. This gave my business the appearance of a big time company for a small time price. It has made all the difference in the world for me.

I mentioned availability of conference room space. My space came with this optional services that is available on an hourly basis as needed. That means if/when I do need to meet with clients I just make a phone call and reserve the space. It’s that simple.

If you want to learn a little more about virtual office services and how they can help your business check out this short video:

So there it is… that’s the story of how I kicked my home based business into high gear. Hope this helps some of you with your own ventures.

For other great resources on running a small business you can always visit http://www.sba.gov

Wish You could Buy A Boca Raton Country Club Condo For Less Than $10000? Be Careful What You Wish For….

boca raton condoEver dream of living in a country club community in Boca Raton, FL? Think you couldn’t possibly afford the hundreds of thousands of dollars a condo in one of these golf course dream lands would cost? Think again, how about a Boca Raton condo for $3000? Sounds great, right? Well, not so fast, all is not quite as it seems. Let me explain…

Here is the listing I’m referring to:

Courtside 1 bedroom/1 bath 1st floor garden apt. Southern exposure in peaceful greenbelt setting. All new stainless steel kitchen–never used. Glass enclosed bath. Electronic blinds. Nicely furnished. Turnkey. Membership Equity is required.
General Information

Beds – 1 Bed
House Size – 730 Sq Ft
Price – $3,001
Property Type – Condo/Townhome/Row Home/Co-Op
Stories – 2
Status – Active

Baths – 1 Full Bath
Price/sqft – $4
Year Built – 1977
Style – 4 Floors

See that… I told you you could buy a Boca Raton country club community condo for under $10000. Ok… Well now for the bad news. This particular condo is located in the Boca West Country Club. The community is actually very nice, very scenic and very serene. The community itself is not the problem, the problem is with the $70000 equity buy in REQUIRED of all home owners. That’s right folks, your $3000 condo is actually a $73000 condo. But wait, there’s more… The community also has monthly dues that cost somewhere right around $500 per month. That’s $6000 per year dues alone. It doesn’t end there of course. There are also quarterly minimum expenditure requirements at the club for things like food.

So there it is… your sub $10000 dream. Moral of the story, always read the fine print 😉